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305 Divisadero Street
San Francisco, CA  94117
Tel.:  (415) 863-9258

11-7 Mon-Sat
12-5 Sun
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What the Hell is Comix Experience anyway? Dept.
by Head Cheese Brian Hibbs 

The answer is: Depends on your Point of View.
On the utter surface, Comix Experience is a full-service comic book store in San Francisco - multiple-time nominee for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comic Retailing award, multiple-time winner of the San Francisco Bay Guardian's "Best of the Bay" award, and a few things on top of that we can't recall right now.
We carry a wide and diverse line of comics - just about anything you might want being published by an American publisher; and we're a relative rarity in comics retailing in that 95% of our purchasing power is spent on Comics.
Not toys, not games, not fucking-Pokemon-cards. Comics.
But Comix Experience is also something more: an attitude, a commitment, a passion. 
We don't just like comics, we LOVE them.
And we want YOU to love them too.
'Nuff said? 


"...are you experienced?"

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